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nice piece. would be interested in a follow-up about your laptop setup: operating system, software choices, policy on cloud storage, etc.

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This is great! I'd love to ditch my smartphone and I like having ideas for step one...step two.... very helpful

Found you via Nostr :)

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>The SIM card is stored outside the handset and only goes in for occasional things like bank 2FA messages.

I recommend switching over to a 2FA app (other than Google Auth) instead of using text messages for 2FA . This is a much more secure and convenient option especially for people who travel outside of the US of A. I use an android device and there are several opensource options such as Aegis Authenticator (https://f-droid.org/en/packages/com.beemdevelopment.aegis/). This will cut one more thread that keeps you connected to the cell network.

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The timing of this post is impeccable. I had actually thought of you yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to see a writing by you today!

I had been thinking about these very subjects recently and finally deleted my tumblr. I wish to deactivate my Facebook but continue to use messenger for the time. I set 30 minute limits on instagram and twitter. We were taught the dangers of gambling growing up, yet many of us have given in to these social media platforms that use these very mechanisms -- cranking for new content, endless scroll -- as a means of control and abusing our pleasure centers instead of taking initiative in our lives. These things are supposed to be tools, but they use many people instead, robbing us of our lifeforce and humanity.

Thank you especially for the navigation advice as I have wanted alternatives to google maps and to not always need connection when I do access it.

I read a mix of physical and e-books, but I want to transition entirely to the former because screens damage my eyes. I've been able to restore much of my eyesight naturally and it involves disengaging from this techno crap as much as possible.

As for dating, never liked dating apps. It reduces people to products. I'm currently being courted by a man that I met *gasp* in the real world. We bonded over our love of nature and outdoor activities. A seeming rarity among people these days.

I also love photography and my spirit has been telling me to just get a dedicated camera and get back to having photo albums.

The split between humans is at hand. I want to continue being a person, not a cyborg or a trans-human confused mess.

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Great post. Another reason to limit the smartphone is health (EMF). I barely use my phone now but still carry it around (off) just in case.

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as a rural resident ,having a smart phone means many

things,like: I can tether a,$50 lap top to it and do stuff,

I can order parts for broken equipment and it lands in my yard in the middle of a snow storm and my truck

goes again,READING bloggy stuff,satelite photos of my

area updated every 10 min,strait from nasa,5 billion dollars of hardware that I can use to decide if I am going for a walk

now its also a royal pain keeping the thing working,

navigating the ever shifting "plans",and yes its addictive,

but with no social media or any other "accounts",its

just a new version of bieng an info junki so whatever,

I run mine with no scripts or java,hard blockers,and

a fire wall,hinky $80 wall mart special,it does the job

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I am not very tech savvy but know that I need to distance myself from the addictive harms of my iphone... at the very least. I sincerely appreciate your guide and clear path forward. Would each phone (old iphone and old android) require a separate phone number? Will the SIM card work in either phone? Thank you!

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I would like to follow this advice but juggling the sheer quantity of gadgets you describe here every day just doesn't seem practical at all.

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And...do you use a paper calendar? (Obs I've been mulling this a lot!)

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Curious: can you use Signal/texting and Telegram on the laptop as well?

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A good old post returns... share your lived experiences. I hope for those who don’t care though. I met a mother going against the grain today, against the odds of the medical profession coaxing her to formula feed her pre term twins she nursed them to health from 900g to 3kg with demand breastfeeding, she knew best and she stood up for her babies. I look out for these people. I am one of them. In the mainstream, swimming against the grain for the sake of those drifters who could be inspired🤍thanks for sharing the compartmentalise details 👍🏼

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A brilliant guide to managing smart devices responsibly! xx

These two might fit shnuggly into your wee backpack, your lordship....

Sat Sleeve


Anker 737


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So interesting!

One point you didn't cover, how do you communicate with your family or close friends? For my part, the whole family uses whatapp groups. I don't want to distance myself from family either, especially those I don't see very often, so I find that a link, even by message, is important...

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