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Intuitively I trust what Insanely Free shares. However I am a tech-idiot and can only resist as much as I know how the unethical coercion of Apple. May the apt users follow the sound suggestions.

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I’ve gone through a journey nearly identical to this and no offense this is a UX nightmare, not to mention how much worse it may be for an average user. I’m glad it works for you and I am in awe of your ability to adhere to all those different browsers with all those if/else chains of logic for certain specific use cases.

It’s sad, though, isn’t it? Technology is supposed to SAVE time at the price of paying for hardware and software. Now it’s at the price of paying money AND [time via an elaborate setup like this OR privacy].

Since most don’t understand how inherently creepy the corporate surveillance network we are now bound to for our everyday lives, most simply sacrifice their privacy because time is money and 90%+ of the world’s people don’t have the luxury of time or money to jump through these insane hurdles.

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good article, I will subscribe to your substack. Your article shows how difficult it is to really become private and independent. But also people tend to forget that these people make life simpler for the average person. you might say "yeah first they make life a nightmare by stealing your data behind your back, and then they make it simpler for you, what bastards" that is a correct statement, but to make convient easy to use UI UX someone needs to be paid for the work, and nobody wants to pay. everybody wants everything for free. human beings are paradoxically lazy and want something of value for free. most people won't put in the work you did.

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Wow, only don’t forget to find a library where you can download your data anonymously in order to save it to your USBs etc, or else you’ll leave a pathway on your laptop even after you’ve deleted it all. Yes it all sounds very impressive but as you’ve alluded to in one of your comments, there really is no escaping leaving footprints of where you’ve been. The lower tech the better indeed 👣

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Ditto what Isabella wrote... I always read your essays with admiration and a feeling of "how does this guy accomplish so frigging much!?". I almost have to give myself a pep talk/ meditative minute (yes, actually) after reading because I feel slightly incompetent...

What kept popping into my mind for this article and others, I wonder what kind of "opportunities" exist for people who can walk us "less proficient in the tech arena" through the process.

As far as I know many of us are on "learning journeys" and we want to share with like-minded people; maybe just casually or maybe as a paid service...

I'm not at the point where I can ditch my tech as I'm undergoing so many challenges right now that I feel overwhelmed. But, perhaps in the future... And maybe there's many ready to cut chains right now...

Is this something you would venture into? Knowledge is ... mucho

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