The tip of the iceberg indeed, it’s not only Hollywood that you need to watch out for though, they’re even so obvious. Look into the Roman Catholic Church and what they’re doing (have done for centuries) to change Gods word.

note: it’s not a ‘ crucifix’ (because that is a cross with ‘Jesus’ on it-also a Catholic symbol) it’s actually a cross perhaps parading itself as a Latin cross ✝️ however look closer and the horizontal arms actually have ends or are made up of two smaller crosses which is reminiscent of the rose cross (which is made up of 4 crosses) and is actually an occult symbol. So I’m sure Hollywood is declaring it’s devil worship but we knew that anyway.

Symbolism is all very occult anyway and has nothing to do with following God’s commandments. In the bible you take action because you love God and so you obey, because his law is made out of love. It is the perfect law. You don’t keep it just because he told you too you keep it because you have seen that it is right through Jesus’ example who followed/fulfilled it perfectly on earth.

The Passion of Christ, from a biblical truth perspective is also an awful movie, full of Blasphemous symbolism so I wouldn’t be fooled that they ‘broke their convent’ anyway there at all. It’s right that they want us to be deceived but it’s quite specific, and Hollywood is one small cog, anything goes in our modern world as long as it’s not the real living Jesus. The modern world is conning us that we can do life alone. And that is also a much subtler widespread attack on the truth.

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Incredible insight, couldn't agree more!

It was a joy to read....xx

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I appreciate this analysis, thank you 🙏🏽

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