I agree with all your points and funnily enough the universe has been showing me these truths in the last few years. Urine therapy is still something I struggle with but I recognise it is my programming that is the issue.

Last year I pretty much ditched sunglasses and sun cream. The freedom was unparalled. It helped in a way that I was forced to wonder why they were blocking the sun with all those pesky, innocuous "con"trails and I started to see a pattern. I discovered sun gazing and started pondering on previous generations who never obsessed so much with sun protection, they just used common sense.

Love what you wrote about eating fruit. There's so much against this because of "all the sugar" but I've always felt so good when I just eat fruit. Currently I'm sick and my body is naturally wanting me to eat less, so I'm listening.

Anyway, I could go on. Very refreshing article. Hopefully more people are waking up to how simple and powerful life can be. Glad Substack doesn't discriminate against articles stating more "uncomfortable" truths.

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As for me, when I made the decision to ditch the sunglasses (for health reasons - better sleep, hormonal regulation, etc) it was psychologically freeing...like taking a weight off my back.

My friend, Thaddeus, has a very interesting perspective on sunglasses that I'm sure you'll enjoy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mhf82fADFmc

As for barefooting, there are simple structural benefits over wearing common shoes / "foot coffins". Walking / running / moving barefoot strengthens your lower legs and, in turn, the rest of your body on up. Wearing shoes chronically almost inevitably leads to weak muscles and joints that manifest as back pain.

Egg yolks (and liver) are nature's multivitamins. Rather than eat them raw, I just drop them in my hot coffee and blend it up - along with butter and MCT oil.

"Modern medicine is all about interventions that treat (mask) symptoms. Fasting is all about getting out of the way so the body can heal itself." - said some Modern Genius ;)

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