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If you enjoy my work, why not send me some sats? Alternatively, you can donate to my frequently rotated Bitcoin address:


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If you’d like to book a call, please email me at this address. Include a full view of what you need in your initial email.

Please note:

  • I read all emails but I'm not able to respond to all of them. Please don't get offended if you don't hear back from me.

  • Any topic is fair game. I will not offer investment advice or technical troubleshooting.

  • Each call is $300 in BTC. No PayPal. No refunds.

  • I don’t time my calls but my brain usually needs a break after 90 minutes.

  • We will use Signal app, a popular end-to-end encrypted video calling software.

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Freedom is a practice. So practice.


Freedom is a practice. So practice.