Amazing article - Thank you. So much of our complex world summed up so simply in one article. 👏

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You have captured so much truth in this article. It is apparent to many of us that, systematically, we have been (are constantly being) made to remove ourselves from (our very own) nature. Again, thank you. ✨🙏🏽✨

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Great article thanks.

One thing i distain however is the word human. It has lately been changed so people find the words HUMUS and so forth meaning earth but that is not the case. It is the bastardisation of of the word man. Human stems from the word hue-man which means light of or appearance of man. It is more clearly defined in Blacks Law Dictionary (you know, the book that described the world of the dead) where is says the word literally mean monster (look up monster in Blacks law dictionary for yourself).

But getting back to Hue-man. Hue means light of or appearance of but not the actual thing. We are not hue-man, we are man (the collective) and woman merely means man with womb or wombman.

I know it is a bit off point from your message but this one gets to me. Great article man

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